When we think about political parties, we think about the fanfare we see in the media, politicians attached to them, or topics they parade. When we begin to look under the hood of the political parties, we begin to see trends through text analysis that provide in-depth findings on how sentiment analysis, words, and topics might impact the outcome.

Party Platforms

Party Platforms are published every Presidential Election year. These party platforms serve the core beliefs of the party for the next four years. These platforms are the leg that forms and supposedly influences the politicians who represent the parties…

Voting has been a hot topic in America for the past year, whether it be the mode of voting, long waits, or voting fraud. Among all these things, people still vote to express their opinions. As we have seen, many community organizers try to encourage people to vote. How do we even begin to view their concerns?

Do they care about their civil duties?

As we consider how to understand non-voters, we must not look at them as a conglomerate. I have decided to look at each racial group separately and comparatively look at their concerns.

There are significantly lower…

Janice Owusu

Hi, I’m Janice. I’m a student at UPenn studying Business Analytics and Italian Studies. I’m interested in racial equity, politics and mental health

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